My Beans & My Process

I use the absolute freshest green Excelso Colombian beans. Columbian beans are generally a crowd pleaser for most palates here in the United States. I roast them to order using a unique small batch fire roasting method, which means your coffee is the freshest and most flavorful possible!

For those of you that order whole beans. Once I receive your order, it is fire roasted by yours truly. The roasting process creates a gas within the beans that releases over time. The gas effects the flavor and the beans should rest for at least 24 hours to release some of this gas before they are ground to ensure a perfect cup! Once your beans are roasted, my secret recipe of flavors are added and they are packaged in a food safe bag that has a gas valve. The valve will allow the coffee beans to release their gases during the shipping process. This means that once you receive your beans they will be at their peak freshness and ready for you to grind and brew the yummiest cup you have ever tasted!

For those of you who order ground coffee. Once your order is received it will be roasted by yours truly and then they will be coated in your flavor of choice. Roasting creates a gas build up in the beans and some of this needs to be released before your beans can be ground without compromising flavor. I will allow your beans to rest for 24 hours, then they will be ground, packaged and shipped immediately after.

Processing times: 

Each order will go through the above processes and be sent out within 3 to 5 days. 


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